As an xAPI conformant LRS, Watershed can receive data from any xAPI conformant Activity Provider. Many Watershed reports are flexible and you can configure Watershed to display useful visualizations and metrics from almost any xAPI data set. To help you get the most out of your data, we’re working with a number of product vendors to ensure that the data they send is optimized to produce the best possible results in Watershed.

dominKnow | ONE is a cloud based collaborative authoring tool for traditional, responsive and software simulation HTML5 based e-learning. Course completions, scores, slide views, learning objective completion data, all clickable actions, component interactions, media interactions, player controls, glossary interactions, practice, inline and test question responses and more are all tracked automatically, and it's also possible to add custom xAPI statements to interactions inside courses through their action trigger system.

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to the report builder (Global Admins, Area Admins, and some Users) can create reports looking at dominKnow | ONE data. Only Global Admins can set up the connection.
Available on paid plans (Analyst, CLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody can use this feature.

Publishing from dominKnow | ONE

Before you publish your course from dominKnow | ONE, make sure that you have populated all the relevant settings and given your slides and objects good identifiers that you will be able to recognize when it comes to reporting.

Related: How to Implement xAPI. See especially the section on 'Implementing xAPI in your authoring tool'.

Next, you will need to set Watershed up as the target LRS. See How do I add an activity provider to Watershed? for details of where to find your endpoint and credentials in Watershed, then follow the dominKnow | ONE guide xAPI: Creating one or more xAPI Endpoints to set up the LRS. The Key is called User ID in dominKnow | ONE, and the Secret is called Password.

You should then select the LRS publish option to publish, ensuring that you select Watershed as the target LRS.

Related: xAPI Getting Started Resources A collection of xAPI resources from the Dominknow team.

Launching dominKnow | ONE courses

When you publish a dominKnow | ONE course, the course does not know who the learner is or where to send the tracking data. The course has to be told this information when the course is launched by a training delivery system, normally an LMS. The training delivery system should handle collecting information about who the learner is, but you’ll need to configure it with your Watershed LRS credentials and endpoint. Exactly where these configuration settings are entered will depend on what system you are using.

dominKnow | ONE xAPI data

dominKnow | ONE data uses the following xAPI verbs and activity types for the out of the box statements. (It's also possible to add custom xAPI statements to interactions inside courses through their action trigger system).


Verb Id


Activity type

Activity type id

cmi interaction

All statements include information about the course structure including course, module, learning object and element where appropriate. Statements about answered questions include data about available options, the response given and success.

Custom statements can also be created. These custom statements allow you to pick any of the ADL or Tin Can verbs and Activity types as well as include system or custom variables in the reporting data.


Statements can include the browser data

"": {
"os": "windows",
"osVersion": 10,
"browser": "chrome",
"browserVersion": 67,
"platform": "desktop",
"userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.99 Safari/537.36"

Statements, per project, can be set to be anonymous.

dominKnow | ONE reports

Watershed's Activity report provides a detailed overview of individual courses including detailed information about question responses, and is the simplest way to quickly report on dominKnow | ONE data. To configure, simply select the Activity report type and filter by the course you want to look at.


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