Getting Data Into Watershed

Understanding Getting Data Into Watershed

There are two primary ways to get data into Watershed: xAPI and CSVs.

All data is stored in Watershed as xAPI. When sending data into Watershed, xAPI is preferred but our CSV templates convert CSVs into xAPI in case you're using a data source that's not xAPI compatible.

Most of our Certified Data Sources connect directly via xAPI or via a 3rd party integrator like Zapier which converts data to xAPI.

The xAPI Data Sources page in the Data section shows what data sources are currently connected to your account via xAPI and allows you to connect new ones:xapiarrow.png

The Other Data Sources page in the Data section shows different CSV templates in your account and allows you to create new ones:otherarrow.png

Once you have data, the Data Search page in the Data section is the best way to see the raw xAPI in your account:datasearch.png

Getting New Data Into Watershed

When you're ready to get new data into Watershed, you'll either connect an xAPI data source or use a CSV:

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