Quick Filters

What are Quick Filters?

Quick Filters allow your users to filter reports and dashboards without needing to access the report builder. These filters, which aren't saved, are perfect for providing limited report control to users not familiar with Watershed:quickfitlersheader.png

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user type can use Quick Filters.
Available on paid plans (AnalystCLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody (both beginners and experts) can use this feature.

Using Report Quick Filters

When users view a report with Quick Filters enabled, they will see a Quick Filters icon in the top portion of the report:quickfiltersicon.png

Clicking the Quick Filters icon reveals the Quick Filters enabled for that particular report (this example has Activities, People, and Verbs enabled):examplequickfitlers.png

Quick Filters work similarly to the report builder's Activities, People, Verbs, and Dates filters except that they aren't permanent. Users will only be able to use Quick Filters that have been enabled for the report. This example is filtered to only look at people in the Customer Service group:customerservice.png

Quick Filters work in addition to the report's configured filters. For example, if a report is configured to show data about Course 1 and Course 2, Quick Filters could not be used to make the report show data about Course 3. Quick Filters could only be used to filter down data from Courses 1 and 2 (i.e. only see data from Course 1 or only view a small date range pertaining to Courses 1 and 2).


  • Quick Filters only filter the report for the person using them--it won't effect the report for any other Watershed user.
  • Quick Filters will filter a report’s download options; the files downloaded from a report filtered by Quick Filters will match the filtered data set.

Using Dashboard Quick Filters

When users view a dashboard with Quick Filters enabled, they will see a Quick Filter icon in the top right corner of the dashboard:quickfilters.png

Clicking Quick Filter reveals the Quick Filters enabled for that particular dashboard (this example has Activities, People, and Dates filters enabled):quickfiltersondashboard.png

Dashboard Quick Filters work similarly to the report builder's Activities, People, Verbs, and Dates filters except that they affect multiple reports and aren't permanent. Applying a Dashboard Quick Filter to a dashboard applies the filter to every report on the dashboard. You'll only see the Quick Filters that have been enabled for the dashboard. This example is filtered to look only at people in the Tier 1 Support group:tier1.png

You can even click into a report after choosing a Quick Filter, and you'll see that the Quick Filter has been brought into the report's detail view.

Me Quick Filter

In the People section of both Report and Dashboard Quick Filters, you'll see the Me option. This will filter the report or dashboard you're looking at to only view your data.mequickfilter.png

Enabling Quick Filters for Reports

Quick Filters are enabled on an as-needed basis in a report’s configuration. Each report has four Quick Filter options: Activities, People, Verbs, and Dates.quick_filter_options.png

For each Quick Filter option, you can choose one of 4 customizations: All, Custom, Report, or Disabled. Once you've chosen your Quick Filters, click to save the report.

 Hint: Unless a user has access to the report builder, he or she cannot see the report's configured filters. We recommend using a report's Report Text to let users know what type of configured filters are on each report.

Enabling Dashboard Quick Filters

To enable Dashboard Quick Filters, go to a the Dashboards section of the Settings page:dashboardssettings.png

Click Edit next to the Dashboard you'd like to enable Quick Filters on:editbuttondashboards.png

Choose which Quick Filter options you'd like. For each Quick Filter option, you can choose one of 3 customizations: All, Custom, or Disabled. Click Save Dashboard to change the options on the dashboard:dashboard_quick_filter_options1.png

 Heads up: When you configure a Dashboard Quick Filter, it does not change the Report Quick Filters saved for the individual reports on a dashboard. For example, if you disable Verb Dashboard Quick Filters for a dashboard, the individual reports on that dashboard with Verb Quick Filters would still have those Quick Filters enabled.

Customizing Quick Filters

When Quick Filters are enabled for a report or dashboard, the person editing the report or dashboard can customize which filter options appear when anyone looks at the quick filters. The different Quick Filter customizations are:

  • All - This option will show all possible options in your account for the Quick Filter. For instance, if you enabled a People Quick Filter with the All option on a report, the quick filter would show every single person in your account. 
  • Custom - This option will allow you to choose the specific Quick Filters that appear for a report or Dashboard. Click Edit to choose the specific Activities/People/Verbs for your report or dashboard. For the Dates Quick Filters, you can create custom date ranges and save with custom names.
  • Report - This option will only show the Activities/People/Verbs that are included in the report. Note that there is no "Report" option for Date filters and no "Report" option for Dashboard Quick Filters
  • Disabled - This options will disable the Quick Filter for this option.
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