Range Report

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to Explore (Global Admins, Regional Admins, and some Users) can edit a Range report. All users can view a Range report.
Available on paid plans (AnalystCLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody (both beginners and experts) can use this feature.

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What is a Range Report?

The Range report visualizes change between measure values. It’s perfect to view change of performance measures (like KPIs, competencies, or assessment scores) before and after training or to show the amount of time people watch a video.range.png

Creating and Editing a Range Report

Use Explore to create new Range reports and to configure existing Range reports.

Range Report Filters and Options

Beyond the typical Explore filters and options, the Range report provides options that are unique to the Rangge report.

Range Filter

Select Range from the report selection menu and then click Range in the filter menu:rangerange.png

In the Range filter, you’ll use the different menu items to customize your report.

Organized Menu

Measures Menu


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Orientation Menu

Advanced Configuration

 Advanced configuration is designed to be used by expert users who understand JSON and the properties of xAPI statements.

Check out our Advanced Configuration guide for more information on customizing your reports.

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