Connect xapiapps to Watershed Essentials

Watershed Essentials delivers basic insights and is designed for L&D practitioners who want to start tracking and exploring learning outside an LMS. The platform not only allows multiple options for getting data in and showing progress, but also serves as a foundation for organizations to build toward more robust learning analytics in the future. Additional product features include dashboard reporting and preconfigured reports that answer common questions about learners and their activities. 

This guide walks you through connecting xAPIApps to Watershed Essentials (or any Watershed account):

Connecting xAPIApps to Watershed Essentials

  1. In your Watershed account, go to the Certified Data Sources section of the Data page. Click Connect to xAPIApps
  2. On the Get Started with xAPIApps for Watershed page, create an account by typing in your name, email and password. Then click Next Step.
  3. On the next page, type in your Company Name and a URL and then click Complete: 
  4. Once your account is ready, click Get Started
  5. In xAPIApps, we recommend watching the Getting Started videos to understand xAPIApps. 
  6. Create an Observation Checklist by clicking the Observation Checklist app and then the Start button:  
  7. Click to choose a person to observe. 
  8. Choose a person by clicking on their picture (we’re going for Amy Way in the example): 
  9. Click the Start a New Checklist button: 
  10. Select a Checklist (we’re choosing Retail Management - First Impressions in the example): 
  11. Go through the checklist (We gave everything a 2 and wrote comment comment in this example). As you go through the checklist data will be sent to Watershed. 

Viewing Data from xAPIApps on the Watershed Essentials Dashboard

After you've connected xAPIApps to Watershed and gone through a checklist, you'll be able to see data in Watershed Essentials on the Essentials Dashboard.

The Essentials Dashboard

  • The Activities Report shows what activities are being sent to Watershed and the number of interactions your learners have had with each. For a xAPIApps connection, the Activities will be the questions from the checklist and the name of the checklist. 
  • The People Report shows all of the people that are being sent to your Watershed account and the number of interactions they've had with your learning content. 
  • The Actions Report shows what actions (combination of verb and activity) are being interacted with the most in your account. 
  • The Interactions by Data Source Report shows which data sources are sending the most interactions to your Watershed account. If you have only sent statements from xAPIApps, you'll only see xAPIApps. 
  • The Data Sources Report shows similar information, but represented as a pie chart. 
  • The Interactions Report is a raw stream of interactions from all of your data sources. If the most recent thing you've done is go through your example e-learning course, then you'll see the all of them at the top. 

Viewing Raw xAPI Data from xAPIApps in Watershed Essentials

After you've connected xAPIApps to Watershed and gone through a checklist, you'll be able to see raw xAPI data in Watershed Essentials.

On the Data page, go to the Debug menu. This is a stream of xAPI statements displayed in the order that Watershed received them (the most recent statements are first). If you just completed the xAPIApps checklist, you should see your statements at the top of this section. Click the arrow next to the statement name to view the full xAPI statement.

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