How can I create a card that organizes data by a certain type of group?

Please note: For some accounts, you’ll need to be logged into Watershed as an Admin or Owner to create or edit cards in Explore.

When creating or editing certain types of cards in Explore, you can choose to organize the data by groups. By default, Watershed will show you every single type of group that contains people until you narrow down your data pool using a People filter

To create a card that organizes data by certain type of group:

  1. In the People section of Explore, click the Pick from a list button:
  2. Select the Pick Group Types option and choose which group type you want to organize your data by. In the example below, Region has been chosen:
  3. Click the X in the Pick people and groups menu to return to the main Explore menu. Go to the section of the Explore menu named after the type of card you're creating (in the example below, we're creating a Bar card):
  4. Change the Organized option to By Group:
  5. Your card will now organize data by a certain type of group:
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