Tableau: Export Data for Further Analysis

Watershed’s easy-to-explore reports are designed for managers and learning professionals interested in learning and performance measurement and evaluation. These reports provide insights and visualizations that are relevant to learning professionals, while also offering the flexibility to configure visualizations to show valuable business metrics. In other words, Watershed is all you’ll ever want or need to explore your learning and performance data.

Because all Watershed data is available to download or access via API, you also can explore your data in other analytics tools, such as Tableau. This includes both the original xAPI statements and aggregated tabular data that business intelligence products find easier to handle.

Watershed Aggregates Your Data

Use Watershed to collect learning and performance data from a wide range of data sources in one place. This data includes:

  • Learning data from LMSs and e-learning content
  • Learning outside the LMS on external sites and via social media
  • Job performance data from performance observations and operational systems

Tableau Web Data Connector Features

Watershed’s Tableau Web Data Connector enables users to pull aggregated, filtered data from Watershed into Tableau. This includes:

  • Learner activity, content usage, and assessment results
  • Performance observation scores
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly activity and results
  • Usage figures for content and resources


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