Salesforce: Evaluate Training’s Impact on Sales

If you’re like many organizations, you rely on a customer relationship management (CRM) platform such as Salesforce to store important sales data. But, chances are, you may not be making the most of that data.

Are you continually searching for ways to drive sales forward or trying to find the best ways to develop your salespeople? Would you love to understand what your A-players are doing right and share it with the rest of the team? Or to know if a learning program is impacting calls made or sales revenue?

Watershed Answers Your Questions 

Watershed offers a highly flexible and customizable reporting platform and provides a variety of visualizations and report types—all of which enable you to analyze the questions most relevant to your organization. For example:

  • Sales results: How have sales changed over time? What are the top-selling offerings?
  • Learning program impact: How are learners progressing through a program? What impact has a particular learning program or experience had on sales results and activity?

Fig.1: Learning Program Impact: This report enables you to monitor how groups and individuals are progressing through a learning program. 

  • Sales activity: Which salespeople and accounts are most active and with what kinds of activity? How is this activity affected by training and how does it impact results?

Fig. 2: Sales Activity: This report suggests a strong relationship between informal learning interactions and sales activity.

  • Top salespeople: Who are the top salespeople and groups? In what learning activities do the top salespeople complete and excel?

Fig. 3: Top Salespeople This report shows the top salespeople in terms of sales dollar amounts and units sold.

Integration Approach

Salesforce is highly flexible and used by different organizations in a variety ways. This means your integration solution needs to be tailored to suit the needs of your organization and the way you record sales. With Watershed’s approach you can ensure you’ll get all of the data needed to measure the impact on sales.

The Salesforce/Watershed connection taps into your salespeople’s meaningful activity within your CRM. You can:

  • Track chatter activity and sales behaviors, such as calls, appointments, and opportunities. 
  • Capture sales metrics, such as deals won and their dollar amounts. 
  • Pull ALL of your sales performance data into Watershed for further reporting and analytics.

Get started in minutes using Watershed’s Zapier integration, or build your own integration tailored to your organization's requirements and usage of Salesforce. Whichever option you choose, Watershed offers expert advice from the creators of xAPI.

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