xapiapps: Track Real-World Learning and Performance Data

xapiapps offers an Observation Checklist application that’s the perfect tool for capturing data about real-world learning and performance—whether that’s a trainer checking off students’ competencies, a manager grading a work task, or a learner’s self-assessment of competence and confidence. In other words, xapiapps is ideal for capturing Kirkpatrick level 3 data. You can then use Watershed to report on those checklists and explore the performances of both individuals and teams as well as investigate trends across your organization.

Watershed Answers Your Questions

Watershed offers a highly flexible and customizable reporting platform enabling you to analyze the questions most relevant to your organization across a large number of visualizations and report types. For example:

  • Observation and assessment performance: How did learners perform against individual checklist items and overall?



  • Competence and skills gap analysis: In which competencies and skills did more learners rank low? How does that compare to benchmarked competency needs for different job roles and divisions?




  • Assessment evaluation: How do learners’ scores on learning assessments correlate to subsequent job performance observation scores? Is the assessment an accurate predictor of good performance? 

Integration approach

We’ve worked with xapiapps to create a quick setup integration. That means when you create, edit, and delete checklists in your xapiapps account, corresponding report cards are created, edited, and deleted in Watershed. As a result, you have the perfect starting point to create your own report cards and add additional data sources within Watershed.

The data Watershed collects from xapiapps includes:

  • Observation and self-assessment checklist scores,

  • Responses to individual checklist items, and

  • Registration and attendance from real-world training events and coaching sessions. 

Want to start experimenting with xapiapps and Watershed with a free xapiapps trial that includes Watershed integration? Let us know.

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