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Not all LMSs support xAPI and make it easy for you to export your learning records into Watershed. That doesn’t mean we can’t get any data out of those LMSs though, and many make some learning data available to external systems. This means it’s possible to have a connector application that targets a specific LMS product and translates their data into a standard xAPI format that you can send to Watershed and wherever else you need the data to go.

We’ve worked with one of our clients to develop a connector for Absorb LMS. Watershed clients can take advantage of this connector to get data about course completions, durations and scores and report on that data in Watershed. This guide outlines how in two sections.

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to the report builder (Global Admins, Area Admins, and some Users) can create reports looking at Absorb data.
Available on paid plans (Analyst, CLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody can use this feature.

Installing the Absorb xAPI Connector

The Absorb Connector is a small PHP application configured to pull data from your Absorb LMS account and push data to your Watershed account as a scheduled task. That means you’ll need a PHP server to put the code on. You’ll also need to set up a scheduled task to run the code daily, hourly or however often you want to send data.

Contact us to get a copy of the code and to discuss any questions that you or your technical team may have.

Reporting on Absorb data in Watershed

You can use the Absorb xAPI Connector to get data from Absorb LMS about:

  • Course attempts, completions, passes and fails.
  • Score achieved.
  • Time taken.

This data works well with Watershed’s Activity report, though you won’t see question data as Absorb doesn’t make this available.

You can also use standard and custom measures to report on counts of attempts, completions and passes by person or by course or to report on and compare scores and time taken.

One of our clients, for example, is using a bar chart to compare completions of different related Absorb courses and a heatmap to explore scores for related assessments. The same client also uses a Program report to monitor progress of a cohort of learners through a program of required learning consisting of several Absorb courses and assessments.

We’ll help you to set up reports for your Absorb data. Just ask!

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