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You’ve set up your Moodle, built your content, and launched your new platform to your learners; now you want to know how your Moodle is being used and how learners are performing. But Moodle’s built-in reports offer limited insight, are difficult to find and inconsistently presented, and don’t give you the level of detail you need. And you can forget about comparing the data about learning inside Moodle with the learning and performance activities outside of the LMS. So what’s the solution?

Watershed Answers Your Questions

Watershed offers a highly flexible and customizable reporting platform, enabling you to analyze the questions most relevant to your organization across a large number of visualizations and report types. For example:

  • Site statistics: How does Moodle usage vary by month, week, and day?

  • Popular courses and content: Which courses, resources, and activities are the most/least popular? Which courses are people likely to take together with another course?

  • People and groups: Who are the most/least active and successful people and groups? What activities do they undertake? How long have people spent learning? What Moodle activities are most likely to be compared by those who perform well in their jobs?

  • Learning program: How are people and groups progressing through a particular learning program? What competencies are being demonstrated? Who still needs to complete which activities? 

  • Course detail: Which courses and modules are the most popular? Which people and groups are the most active on each course, and how does course usage change over time? 

  • Module detail: How have learners answered quiz questions? How did they score? Who is most active on a particular forum? Who attended a face-to-face session compared to everyone who registered for session?

Watershed’s Moodle Integration

Watershed’s turnkey Moodle integration enables you to push data about learning activity across your Moodle using xAPI so you can analyze all your learning data in one place and in one format.


The integration features an easy setup that requires a simple installation and configuration of our existing Moodle plugins. It also features the ability to:

  • Launch and track xAPI e-learning packages created in all the major authoring tools

  • Track Moodle quizzes, assignment, assessments, forums, in-person sessions, etc. (i.e., not just e-learning)

  • Automatically create Watershed reports to not only offer high-level overviews, but also individual item and learner analysis

  • Save time, because Watershed identifies the most popular Moodle courses and then automatically creates detailed reports for those courses 

  • Offer single sign-on to Watershed directly from the Moodle reports menu

  • Control which Moodle users have access to Watershed

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