Watershed can receive data from any xAPI conformant Activity Provider. Many Watershed reports are flexible and you can configure Watershed to display useful visualizations and metrics from almost any xAPI data set. To help you get the most out of your data, we’re working with a number of product vendors to ensure that the data they send is optimized to produce the best possible results in Watershed. We want to help you to configure Watershed reports in the best way possible to display that data.

Opigno is an Open Source LMS based on Drupal. Opigno quiz results, course views, course completions and earned certificates and badges can be tracked and reported on in Watershed. This guide explains how to connect Opigno to Watershed and then configure Watershed reports to report on the data.

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to the report builder (Global Admins, Area Admins, and some Users) can create reports looking at Opigno data. Only Global Admins can configure the connection. 
Available on paid plans (Analyst, CLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody can use this feature.

Connecting Opigno to Watershed

To connect Opigno to Watershed, log in to both systems. In Watershed, follow these instructions to get your Endpoint, Key and Secret.

You can then follow Opigno's support guide to configure the LRS connection in Opigno.

 Hint: Enter the Watershed 'Key' in the Opigno 'User' field. Enter the Watershed 'Secret' in the Opigno 'Password' field.

Configuring reports for Opigno data

Opigno quiz results, course views, course completions and earned certificates and badges can be tracked and reported on in Watershed. This section outlines some possible ways you can report on these various tracked events. This list is not exhaustive, so if you have questions about your learners’ activity within Opigno, contact us and we’ll help you to configure the report you need.

Quiz results and course completions

Quiz results and course completions are best tracked using the Activity Report. Simply create a new Activity Report and add the quiz or course  to the activity filter. Filtering by the quiz will tell you how many times learners passed or failed the quiz. If you filter by the course instead, you’ll see results for the course as a whole including the duration from enrollment to passing and responses to all questions across all quizzes the course contains. It’s not possible to fail a course in Opigno, so you won’t see records of failed attempts if you filter by course.

Key questions answered: How have people and groups answered the quiz? How has quiz performance changed over time? Which quiz questions are most/least effective?

Course views over time

You might be interested to monitor the number of course views over time, either for a single course, a group of people or across all courses and people.

Create a line report filtered by the courses and groups/people you want to look at. Organize it by a relevant time period and optionally by a secondary dimension such as group or activity. Then add a Course Views measure configured as shown:

Key questions answered: How has course usage changed over time? How does it compare across courses and/or groups?

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