Watershed can receive data from any xAPI conformant Activity Provider. Many Watershed reports are flexible and you can configure Watershed to display useful visualizations and metrics from almost any xAPI data set. To help you get the most out of your data, we’re working with a number of product vendors to ensure that the data they send is optimized to produce the best possible results in Watershed. We want to help you to configure Watershed reports in the best way possible to display that data.

This guide tells you how to correctly configure and publish PageTiger publications and configure Watershed to get the best results.

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to the report builder (Global Admins, Area Admins, and some Users) can create reports looking at PageTiger data.
Available on paid plans (Analyst, CLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody can use this feature.

Connecting to PageTiger

To connect PageTiger to Watershed, log in to both systems. In Watershed, follow these instructions to get your Endpoint, Key and Secret.

On the PageTiger menu, open up PUBLICATIONS then ANALYTICS SETTINGS. Then click ADD NEW.

Select the Experience API (Tin Can or XAPI) tab and tick the Enabled checkbox. Enter your Watershed LRS Endpoint, Key and Secret. Enter the Key in PageTiger’s User Name field and Secret in the Password field.

PageTiger will now send data to Watershed when learners submit their results.

PageTiger reports

PageTiger data can be combined with data from other data sources to create so many different types of insightful reports, we couldn't list them all. Instead, this section suggests a few interesting reports using PageTiger data on its own.

Course overview

Watershed's Activity report provides an detailed overview of individual courses including detailed information about question responses. To configure, simply select the Activity report type and filter by the course you want to look at.

Score Heatmap

The Score Heatmap ranks learners by average, fastest, slowest, first and most recent score for the course. score_heatmap.png

To set it up, create a new Heatmap report and filter it to include the quiz or quizzes from your publications that you want to report on. Organize the Heatmap by person and add the following measures:

Average Scoreaverage_score.png

Best Scorebest_score.png

Worst Scoreworst_score.png

First Scorefirst_score.png

Most Recent Scorelast_score.png

Key questions answered: Who scored the highest? Who scored the lowest?

Completion Leaderboard

The Completion Leaderboard ranks learners by number of completions, passes and failures.completion_leaderboard.png

To set it up, create a new Leaderboard report organized by person and filtered by the quizzes in your publications that you want to report on. Add the following measures:

Completion Countcompletion_count.png

Pass Countpass_count.png

Fail Countfail_count.png

Key questions answered: Who has completed, passes or failed the most? Who has never completed, passed or failed the course?

Popular Content Leaderboard

A popular content leaderboard shows which pieces of content are most popular either within a single publication or across publications. To create this, set up a leaderboard organized By activity and using the Interaction Count measure. Use the Activities filter if you don’t want to report across all your activities.

Key questions answered: Which publications are most popular? Which parts of a publication are most popular?

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