Many authoring tools allow you to publish content as xAPI course packages. These packages need to be launched, often by an LMS. GrassBlade xAPI companion enables you to launch these packages from your WordPress site and track them in Watershed. Here’s how.

  1. Download and install the GrassBlade xAPI companion.
  2. Add an activity provider in Watershed to create a key and secret to use with Grassblade.

  3. On your wordpress site, open up the GrassBlade settings. Enter the Endpoint URL, API User (your Watershed Activity Provider Key) and API Password (your Watershed Activity Provider Secret). Click Update Settings.

  4. Open the xAPI Content section in Wordpress admin to add your xAPI packages to your Wordpress site. See the GrassBlade xAPI Companion help documentation for more details.

Please note: GrassBlade doesn’t send xAPI data about the launched content to Watershed itself, it just launches content packages, for example those authored in Storyline. See our Storyline guide for help setting up Storyline to publish xAPI packages and configuring Watershed to display data from Storyline courses.

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