Using Explore

Explore is Watershed's report creation tool. It provides a number of report and filter options that enable you to take a closer look at your data so you can find new insights and correlations you might not have discovered before.

Please note: For many accounts, you’ll need to be logged into Watershed as an admin to access Explore.

This article consists of 6 main sections:

Accessing Explore

There are a few ways to access Explore:

  1. From any screen in Watershed, click Explore in the main navigation. This will create a new card.
  2. On the Dashboard, click the gear icon  
    and then click ConfigureConfigure.png
  3. On the top right corner of a card’s detail page, click Configure:

Navigating Explore

There are 3 main parts to Explore

  • Card preview - This shows how your card will look on the Dashboard:
  • Card type carousel - Here you'll choose what type of card you want to create. There are multiple types of cards, and you can use the arrows on either side of the carousel to scroll through the card types:
  • Card options - Once you choose a card type, you can use the options to customize the data your card analyzes:

Below the Explore options, you'll also see a live preview of the detail view of your card. As you update the card type and card options, both card previews update live.

Using Explore to Create Cards

While using Explore, click Save as new card to create a new card with the options you’ve chosen:


Please note: If you’re an Admin or Owner, your card will be created on the Dashboard. If you’re not an Admin or Owner, your card will be created on the Your Cards page.

Using Explore to Reconfigure Existing Cards

If you started Explore by clicking Configure on an existing card, click Save changes to this card to update the existing card with the new options you’ve chosen:


Please note: only Admins and Owners can reconfigure cards on the Dashboard.

Card Options

Each card type shows different options when using Explore. Use the links below to learn more:

Advanced Configuration

Advanced users can use Advanced Configuration to create unique settings for your cards. We’re working on help documentation for Advanced Configuration, so let us know if you have unique needs for your cards, and we'll be glad to help

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