Interactions Report

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to Explore (Global AdminsArea Admins, and some Users) can edit an Interactions Report. All users can view an Interactions Report.
Available on paid plans (AnalystCLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody (both beginners and experts) can use this feature.

What is an Interactions Report?

Watershed is powered by moments of activity called interactions. Sources ranging from mobile apps to learning management systems are connected to Watershed, and as learners perform actions in these programs, data about these actions is sent to Watershed in the form of interactions. The Interactions Report collects and lists each of these actions.detail_interactions.png

Creating and Editing an Interactions Report

Use Explore to create new Interaction reports and to configure existing Interaction reports.

Interaction Report Filters and Options

Beyond the typical Explore filters and options, the Interactions Report provides options that are unique to the Interactions Report.

Interactions Filter

Select Interactions from the report selection menu and then click Interactions in the filter menu:ineteractionsinteractions.png

The interactions filter allows you to control how the date is formatted in your Interactions Report

Date Format

Select whether you want your Interactions Report to show data using Relative dates or Actual dates:relativeoractual.png

  • Relative dates show the trailing timeframe of when an activity took place (i.e. 4 days ago).
  • Actual Dates show the actual date the activity took place (i.e. October 21st, 2017).

Using an Interactions Report

The Interactions Report simply lists interactions in chronological order. With an Interactions Report, you cannot customize the types of data shown (i.e., you can't add demographic or location data to an Interactions Report).

Download Data

Every report in Watershed features two ways to download data: downloading data tables and downloading the interaction statements associated with the report. For most reports, the data table download can be found at the top right corner of the detail view of the report while the interaction statement download is at the bottom of the report. Since Interactions Reports can get very long, we've added a Download Statements button to the top right corner of the

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