How do I add an activity provider to Watershed?

Please note: You’ll need to be logged into Watershed as an Admin or Owner to add an activity provider to Watershed.

An activity provider is a program that sends data into Watershed. In order to allow them to send Watershed data, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the xAPI Data Sources section of the Data page.
  2. In the Activity Providers section, click the Add Activity Provider button:aps1.png
  3. A new Unnamed Provider will be added to your account. ap2.pngUse the information to the right of the new Unnamed Provider to send data to Watershed:
    • Name: Click Edit to change the name. Use something that will help you remember what activity provider you're setting up in case you ever need to turn off the connection. Click the Save button after you've changed the name.
    • Key: This will typically be the username/app ID.
    • Secret: This is typically the password. This can be changed by clicking the refresh button.
    • LRS Access: The default state is "isolated", and you should normally keep it this way. By keeping LRS Access isolated, you're ensuring that the activity provider sending us data can only see the data that it sends, and does not have permission to set the xAPI statement authority property. If you were to set the LRS Access to global, the activity provider could see all data stored in your account and could set the authority property of statements to any value. Only use global LRS Access activity providers when you really know what you are doing, and keep credentials with global LRS Access extra secure.  
    • API Access: The default state is "disabled", and you should probably keep it this way. By keeping API Access disabled, you're ensuring that the credentials cannot be used to access Watershed's API as a Watershed global admin user. Only enable API Access when you really know what you are doing, and keep credentials with API Access extra secure.  
    • Active: The default state is “Active”, and you should keep it that way. If you ever decide that this activity provider can’t be trusted, then you can disable it here and no further statements will be accepted from it.
  4. Send statements to Watershed using the Endpoint/Key/Secret.
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