Why are my statements not in the Statement Viewer when I use the Watershed Bookmarklet?

The Watershed LRS Bookmarklet is an easy way of showing that you've experienced a webpage, a video, or even a hosted PDF. After you install the Watershed LRS Bookmarklet, you’ll be able to send statements into Watershed when by clicking the bookmarklet in your browser. These statements come into the statement viewer and are used to power different reports in Watershed.

Most of the time, when you use the bookmarklet and the statements do not appear in the statement viewer, you need to reinstall the bookmarklet.

    1. Before you reinstall the bookmarklet, you need to delete the existing bookmarklet from your browser. There can be many different ways to do this depending on the browser and version you are using, but most browsers allow you to right click on the bookmarklet and select Delete:
    2. Install the bookmarklet again.

Please note: the user that installs the bookmarklet is linked to the statements. If you install the bookmarklet and someone else uses it, statements will be sent to Watershed associated with you.

Once you've reinstalled the bookmarklet, test it on any site. If you’re still having troubles, please contact our support team and we’ll help with the issue.

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