Sharing and Embedding Reports

Watershed allows you to share any of your reports with anyone, even if they don’t have access to Watershed. You can send a live-updating report that changes as new data comes into Watershed (a Realtime share), or you send copy of the report as it appeared on a specific date in the past (a Snapshot share). You can also embed a live-updating report in another system or website.

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Sharing & Embedding were discussed as part of our Product Walkthrough webinar series. Watch a recording of the webinar for a comprehensive look at application and setup of the feature.

How to Share a Report

Click Share Report on the report you want to share. There are two places where you can find Share Report:

  • On the Dashboard or the Your Reports screen, Share Report is on the bottom left corner of the report: 
  • On the detail view of a report, Share Report is on the top right corner of the report:

The Share Report popup will appear. Click Add a share link:

A new share link will appear in the popup:

By default, Watershed creates a Snapshot share link. You can use the Snapshot/Realtime buttons to toggle between the types of share links

Click to have Watershed email the share link to a peer, or copy the share link so you can paste it in your own email or document.

You can create as many share links for a report as you need. Just come back to the Share Report popup and click Add a share link to create a new link.

How to Embed a Report

To embed a report, follow exactly the same steps to create a share link as above, then select Embed report or Embed report detail instead of link. Embed report is used to embed just the summary view of the report as shown on the dashboard and Embed report detail is used to embed the full report detail as shown when you click MORE on a report summary.

Once you have created an embed, you can copy the provided HTML code into the application where you want to embed the report. The report will then be displayd in an iframe within your application.

Advanced users can edit the emebed code to change how the report is displayed. For example the following code could be used to resize the embed iframe based on the height of the user's browser window.

    onload="this.height=window.innerHeight - 400;"
window.onresize = function() {
    ).height = window.innerHeight - 400;

Check out our video walkthrough of the feature to see more customization options. Please test any amendments you make to the emebed code carefully in the range of browsers your application needs to support.

Types of Shares

Snapshot Reports

Snapshot Reports can give people a view into what’s going on the day that you share the data. Even if new data is added to the report later, the shared view of the report will stay the same. With Snapshot reports, you can also choose any date in the past, and the person viewing the report will see the report as you saw it on that date. To change the date, click the date link and choose a date on the calendar:

Realtime Reports

Realtime Reports update in real time. Anyone looking at a realtime report sees what you would see if you were to log into Watershed and view the report.

Updating an Existing Share Link

At any time, you can switch an existing share link from a Realtime report to a Snapshot report or from a Snapshot report to a Realtime report.

Go to the Share Report popup by clicking Share Report on the bottom left corner of the report or the top right corner of the detail view of the report report. Find the link you want to change and click the Realtime or Snapshot button.

You can also change the date on a Snapshot report by clicking the date link and then choosing a new date on the calendar.

As you make changes, all existing links will be updated immediately. Click to close out of the Share Report popup. Watershed will not notify anyone if a share is changed.

Deleting a Share Link

You can delete a share you’ve already created, even if you’ve already shared it with people. Just know that if you delete a link, anyone that tries to view the link will not see the data you shared. Deleting share links is also permanent, so be sure that no one needs to see the report before you delete the share copy of the report.

Go to the Share Report popup by clicking Share Report on the bottom left corner of the report or the top right corner of the detail view of the report report. Find the link you want to delete and click .

Video Walkthrough

As part of our Product Walkthrough webinar series, Andrew Downes gave us a a comprehensive look at Sharing & Embedding. Check it out below:

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