What is the difference between Dashboard and Your Cards?

The Dashboard and the Your Cards page are collections of cards. On both pages, you can move, group, hide, and delete cards.

The Dashboard is a global collection of cards, so every member of your organization sees the same collection of cards grouped in the same way. Only users with Admin or Owner credentials can make changes to the Dashboard, and any changes made to Dashboard in your account will change the Dashboard for every other user in your organization.

The Your Cards page is unique to you; you see only the cards you’ve added to this page, and any changes you make to the cards will only affect your page. You can use the Your Cards page to decide what cards are most important to you and prioritize them how you wish. You can add a copy of any card on the Dashboard to Your Cards so that it’s easy to find when logging into Watershed. Even if the card is deleted or hidden from the Dashboard, your card will still be on Your Cards. You’d also be able to delete the card from Your Cards without affecting the same card on the Dashboard.

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