Tracking Progress of Accomplishments

On the main Accomplishments page, you’ll be able to view accomplishments you’ve started, accomplishments you’ve completed, and accomplishments you haven’t started. You can also register for accomplishments or connect your account with Mozilla backpack. If you're a user with Owner or Admin credentials, you'll see even more

Each accomplishment features an earnable badge and a list of criteria needed to be met in order to earn the badge. These are set when an admin creates a new accomplishment

As you complete the criteria for an accomplishment you're registered for, the boxes next to each criteria are automatically checked and timestamped. If you complete all the criteria for an accomplishment, the accomplishment is moved to the Completed tab. 

Admins and Owners

On the main Accomplishments page, if you’re a user with Admin or Owner credentials, you’ll not only see information related to your own accomplishments, you’ll also see registration numbers and details across your entire organization:

Clicking the  in the panel on the left takes a user with Admin or Owner credentials to the All Accomplishments page. Here you can create a new accomplishment or edit an existing one. You'll also see registration tallies for each accomplishment in your account: 

If you click on a number in the Registered or Completed columns, you'll see a list of people that either registered or completed this accomplishment. On this screen, you can also register people for an accomplishment configured for manual registration:

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