What is an activity ID?

What is an activity ID?

An activity ID is a unique identifier for a particular activity. In Watershed, an activity could be anything you want to measure (i.e. - taking a quiz, filling out a survey, watching a video, etc). Watershed uses activity IDs to group information related to your activity.

Activity IDs look like URLs. Some examples:

  • http://tincanapi.com/TinCanJS/Test/TinCan_getStatement/sync
  • http://tincanapi.com/JsTetris_TCAPI
  • http://tincanapi.com/GolfExample_TCAPI
  • http://tincanapi.com/GolfExample_TCAPI/GolfAssessment.html

 Learn more here about activities and activity IDs here: http://tincanapi.com/2013/07/10/deep-dive-activity/

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