Connecting to Mozilla Backpack

When you complete an accomplishment in Watershed, you earn a badge that you’re able to keep and share. One way to share these badges is with Mozilla Backpack. Mozilla is a free software community best known for the Firefox web browser. Both Mozilla Backpack and Watershed use Mozilla Open Badges, a commonly adopted standard for the awarding of badges. 

This article consists of 3 sections:

Setting Up Mozilla Backpack

To set up a free Mozilla Backpack, visit their site and follow the instructions.

Please note: The login for your Mozilla backpack must be the same email address as your login for Watershed.

Connecting to Mozilla Backpack

  1. Once you have a Mozilla Backpack, go to the Accomplishments page and click Connect with Mozilla Backpack:
  2. We’ll provide some context, and allow you to confirm that you’d like to share your accomplishments. Click Connect in the popup to continue:
  3. For a bit now, you’re going to step out of the Watershed world and into the Mozilla world. Watershed doesn’t control what happens here, so it’s liable to change in how it looks, but probably not in how it works. Your browser will create a new Mozilla popup asking you to sign in if you're not signed into Mozilla already. Click Sign in to continue: 

  4. Click Grant permission to allow Watershed to send Mozilla your badges:  

  5. Once you’ve successfully linked Watershed to Mozilla, you’ll see your existing accomplishments are automatically reflected in your backpack. You’ll be able to see the details, including the issuer of the badge (Watershed), and all future badges you receive in Watershed will automatically be sent to your backpack.

Disconnecting from Mozilla Backpack

If you ever wish to stop sharing your accomplishments from Watershed to Mozilla, go to the Accomplishments page and click Disconnect

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