Registering for an Accomplishment

With accomplishments, an organization can establish a goal for you, define the steps required to achieve that goal, and track your progress towards achieving that goal. Once you finish the goal, you'll get a badge that you will be able to keep and share.

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Registering for an Accomplishment

  1. On the Accomplishments page, click Available to go to the Available tab:
  2. The Available tab shows you all of the accomplishments you're able to register for. Find the accomplishment you're looking to register for and click Register:
    If you can't find the accomplishment you're looking for, contact a user with Admin or Owner credentials and make sure the accomplishment is set to "discoverable."
  3. The accomplishment should move to the In Progress tab, which shows accomplishments you're currently working towards finishing. You should also get an email to confirm that you registered for the accomplishment.
  4. Once you're registered for an accomplishment, you can track your progress.

Unregistering for an Accomplishment

If at any point you need to unregister for an accomplishment, go to the In Progress tab on the accomplishment and click Unregister.

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