How do I push statements from Watershed to an outside LRS?

Please note: You’ll need to be logged into Watershed as an admin to push statements to an outside LRS.

To push statements from Watershed to an outside LRS:

  1. Go to the Settings page. In the menu on the left, click Data.
  2. Go to the Outbound Data section and click the and the Add Outbound Data Source button:
  3. Using data from the ouside LRS, fill out the fields. Different LRSs call these different things:
    • Name: Name this something that will help you remember what it is. It won't effect the actual connection.
    • Endpoint: Paste in the endpoint URL from the LRS that you’d like to push statements to.
    • Username: Paste in the username/app ID from the LRS that you’d like to push statements to. Please note: this is probably not the username you use to log in to the LRS.
    • Password: Paste in the password/secret key from the LRS that you’d like to push statements to. Please note: this is probably not the password you use to log in to the LRS.
  4. Click the Save button. All old statements from Watershed should show up in the outside LRS, and so should any future statements made in Watershed. If you don’t see any imported statements within a few minutes, you should check your configuration and make sure everything was entered correctly.

Debugging Errors

Debugging errors works in the same way as for Inbound Data Sources except that in most cases the error messages will be errors returned by the receiving LRS, rather than errors generated by Watershed's validation of the statement. If the statement is in Watershed, it's already been validated and should not trigger validation errors on the way out. 


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