Installing and using the Watershed LRS Bookmarklet

The Watershed LRS Bookmarklet is an easy way of showing that you've experienced a webpage, a video, or even a hosted PDF. When you click on a Bookmarklet that you've installed in your browser, you are self-reporting to Watershed that you've experienced a webpage.

Please note:
  • The Bookmarklet doesn’t work in IE7 or earlier versions.
  • Because some sites do not allow javascript snippets to run, there are some sites (like Facebook and Gmail) where the Bookmarklet will not work.
  1. Find the Bookmarklet Activity card on the Your Cards page. If you can't find the card, try looking in Hidden Cards.
  2. Click and drag the Send to LRS button to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser. 
    Please note: if your bookmarks toolbar isn’t visible, a quick Google search of “enable bookmarks bar [your browser version]” will show you how.
  3. After you drag the Send to LRS button button to the bookmarks bar, the Bookmarklet is installed.
  4. Now, whenever you go to a webpage, you can click the bookmark in the bookmarks bar, and a statement will be sent to Watershed that says you “experienced” the site. Keep in mind this button will always be tied to you even if you're not logged into Watershed at that moment. If you're using a shared computer, each person using the Bookmarklet will need their own button.
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