Creating an Accomplishment

You’ll need to be logged into Watershed as an Admin or Owner to create an accomplishment.

With Accomplishments, you can establish a goal for your users, define the steps required to achieve that goal, and track their progress towards achieving that goal. Once someone finishes the goal, they’ll get a badge that they will be able to share.

1. To create a new accomplishment, log into your admin account and go to the Accomplishments page. 
2. In the Your Accomplishments box, click the  to go to the All Accomplishments page.
3. Click the New Accomplishment button to go to the New Accomplishment page. You'll see this screen:


4. Fill out the following fields and click the Create Accomplishment button to create your accomplishment:


This will be the name you and your users will see for the Accomplishment.


This description will be used to give context to your users about your Accomplishment. Why would your user want to register for this Accomplishment or want to complete it? What does this Accomplishment mean to your organization?


Some administrators prefer to control their accomplishments, electing those who should be able to see and pursue them. Most, however, choose to make their accomplishments discoverable. This allows interested parties to find them, register for them, and complete them.

Note: Whether an accomplishment is discoverable or not, when a user achieves it, they will be recognized for having done so. And if your instance of Watershed allows for the sharing of badges via Mozilla Open Badges, the user will be able to share that badge even if it is not discoverable. Setting a badge to not discoverable does not make it private.


Images (or badges) are a legitimately important part of creating an Accomplishment. They are the physical manifestation of something that someone has done, and users do actually value them.

This image will be displayed with the accomplishment throughout Watershed and in other locations where badges are respected. Please be sure to use an image that you have permission to use. We recommend using .png files that are at least 200 pixels square, because Mozilla Open Badges requires it.


Criteria allow you to decide the things that a user must do in order to achieve this Accomplishment. If you were looking to encourage good eating habits, you might create an accomplishment like the example below:


Take note of the title, description, and image, but focus more on the criteria, highlighted on the right side. These criteria, each of which is required for the accomplishment, state that a user needs to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were created by choosing the verb “ate” and the appropriate activity “breakfast”, “lunch”, or “dinner”.

Both the verb and the object are uniquely identified by their URL, and they can only be selected from activities that have occurred in this LRS previously. (This means you’ll need to send a statement from your activity provider before selecting the verb and object in the criteria.) A great way to create an accomplishment in Watershed is to first go do all of the things you would expect your user to do. By doing that, the verbs and the objects will be available to you in the drop downs here.

We have intentionally kept the kinds of criteria that we allow you to work with fairly straightforward, but please know that Watershed is ready to work with more sophisticated criteria than we expose in the interface. If you’re looking to do things like “Complete 3 of the 5 listed activities,” or “Score at least 90% on this quiz,” those things can be accomplished today using the API. Please ask us about them.

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