How to filter only active people in a card

Many Watershed accounts are set up with a group called “Active” that represents people are are currently active learners. If yours is, you might want to filter reports to show only those active people. Normally this is an additional filter to narrow down an existing groups filter, which means it’s not just a case of filtering by the active group in Explore. Instead, we need to use an and filter in Advanced Configuration to tell Watershed to restrict the results to only active users in the filtered groups.

This walkthrough explains how.

1. Find the group id of the ‘Active’ group

The first step is to find out what the group id is for the ‘Active’ group in your organization. Go to SETTINGS / Your Organization on the menu, then search for the ‘Active’ group.

Once you open the group, you will see the group id as part of the url in the address bar. In the example below, the group id is 2.

Please note: it’s also possible to find the group id by adding the active group to the filter of a new card in Explore, then jumping into Advanced Configuration to look at the id of the group you just added.

2. Add the configuration to the card you want to filter

Now you have the id you can use it to filter a report card. Open up the configuration for a card you want to show only data about active people on, then toggle into Advanced configuration.

If the card does not already have an and filter, copy and paste the code below as a new row 3 in advanced configuration, replacing 2 with the group id of the ‘Active’ group in your account.

"and": [{
  "groupIds": [
  "excludeFromOutput": true

If the card already has an and filter, instead copy the code below as the first item in that filter, replacing 2 with the group id of the ‘Active’ group in your account.

  "groupIds": [
  "excludeFromOutput": true

Once that’s done, save the card. Your card is now filtered to only show active people.

Please note: in this example we set theexcludeFromOutput property to true. This means that if the card displays data organized by group, ‘active’ will not appear on that list of groups. Without that property set to true, any groups in the filter would be included in that list.

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