Use a leaderboard to create a custom CSV interactions download

Watershed’s Interactions Card includes the functionality to download a CSV file of all the interaction statements included in that card’s filter at the click of the button. It’s quick and easy to use, and gives you all the main properties of the xAPI statement. Great!

But what if you want more than just the main properties? What if you need to include some less commonly used property or a specific value within a custom statement extension? In that case what you need is a custom column interactions leaderboard and guess what? This guide explains exactly how to do just that.

Step 1: Organize By Statement

Start with a card you’ve already set up and filtered and switch it into a leaderboard. Then, jump into advanced configuration mode.


Find the dimensions property and change the statementProperty value to “id”:


You’ve now  got a leaderboard where every row is a different xAPI statement.

Step 2: Define your CSV columns as measures

Next you need to define which xAPI properties you want to include on your leaderboard and in your CSV download. This is done by creating a measure for each property. The measures all use a STATEMENT_PROPERTY value provider and LAST aggregation. LAST is used because since each row is an individual statement, displaying the LAST value for that statement is the same as displaying the only value. It’s the last of a list of 1.

Here’s the full configuration you’d use to add a column for a context extension value:

  "name": "Some extension",
  "aggregation": {
    "type": "LAST"
  "valueProducer": {
    "statementProperty": "context.extensions.[]",
    "caseSensitive": true

Use a measure like this for each statement property you want to include in your download.

Step 3: Download your CSV

You’re all done! Save your card and then click Download Data Tables to get your CSV!


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