How to filter people out of a card

It’s easy to use Watershed’s people ands groups filter to create a report that only shows data about a certain list or group of people. Just enter the name or pick from list to add the filter to the card.


But what if you want to filter people out of the card? This guide will explain how. Let’s use the example in the screenshot above and say that we want an interactions card showing data for everybody except Vennie Whited.

  1. Create the people filter for Vennie Whited. This shows us the exact opposite of what we needed, but don’t worry, it’s an important first step towards getting what we actually want.  If you want to filter out several people, you can add them all at once so that the card shows just the people you don’t want.


  1. Use the link at the bottom of explore to jump into advanced configuration and locate the people filter code. Don’t panic if code is scary. We’ll guide you through!


  1. Add a few new lines to give yourself some space to work. Make you make the new lines before the comma, as shown in the screenshot.


  1. Add the not filter code before and after the person filter. On the line before write "not": { and on the line after write }. The card preview should now show all data except the person you filtered out. Good job!


If you make a mistake (perhaps you delete some code that you shouldn’t have), Watershed will show a little red cross to indicate this. The red cross will be on a line near where the error is, but not always the exact line. Check the screenshots very carefully to see what’s missing or added. In the screenshot below I’ve deleted a ] character. Can you see where it should be by comparing the screenshots?

This same approach can be used to filter out verbs, activities and even dates.

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