How do I identify the Activity ID for one of my activities?

Please note: You probably won't need to know about Activity IDs unless you're an Admin user.

Activity IDs are unique identifiers used to identify the activities Watershed analyzes. They look like URLs and help Watershed know the difference between each of your courses and training activities. Check out this article that goes though Activity ID basics.

Advanced users will often need to know Activity IDs for when using features like Advanced Configuration or CSV Interaction Imports. To figure out the Activity ID for an activity that's already in Watershed:

  1. Go to Activities section of Explore: activitiesexplore.jpg
  2. Search for the Activity you need to identify in the search box, and select it: selectactivity.jpg
  3. Once the activity is selected, go to Advanced Configuration: artofnegotiating.jpg
  4. The Activity ID will be at the top of the code in the Advanced Configuration editor. If you selected more than one activity, the Activity IDs will appear in Advanced Configuration in the order you selected the IDs:theactivityid.jpg
  5. Copy it out of the Advanced Configuration editor to use how you need. 

If you need help determining what an Activity ID should be for a new activity, check out this guide about getting the Activity ID correct for a new activity.

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