Creating and Editing Dashboards

Organizations can store massive amounts of learning data, and it is important that the right people see the right data about the right learners. With Watershed’s Dashboards, you can create multiple views into your data, and you can use our Permissions feature to control which Dashboards each of your users see. Analyst, CLO, and Enterprise clients can have as many Dashboards as they need, and each dashboard can have as many reports as needed. 

Creating Dashboards

  1. Go to the Dashboards section of the Settings page.
  2. Click the Add Dashboard button.
  3. On the popup, name the Dashboard and choose who should see the Dashboard in the search box below that. Learn more about controlling permissions to Dashboards. Click the Save Dashboard button to create the Dashboard.

Adding Cards to Dashboards

Once you've created a Dashboard, go to the Dashboard via the Dashboard menu in the top left corner of the screen and use Explore

Controlling Permissions to Dashboards

Global Admins can control which users can see which Dashboards. Global Admins can see every Dashboard, and by default, Users cannot see any Dashboard until they are granted permission to see a Dashboard.

To control permissions to an existing Dashboard:

  1. Go to the Dashboard section of the Settings page. 
  2. Click Edit next to the Dashboard whose permissions you need to change. 
  3. In the popup, choose which groups and people should see the Dashboard. This is the same popup you see when you create a new Dashboard.
  4. Global Admins can see every Dashboard. To allow all users to see a dashboard, search for "All Parts of Your Organization." Click the X next to any group or person to remove their permissions. Click Save Dashboard when you're ready to save.

Reordering Dashboards

Dashboards are in alphabetical order by default. In the Dashboard section of the Settings page, simply drag and drop the dashboards to place them in the preferred order. Keep in mind, when you reorder dashboards, they'll appear in that order for all users.

Deleting Dashboards

In the Dashboard section of the Settings page, click Delete next to any Dashboard you'd like to delete. Note that this will effect everyone that can see this Dashboard, it will delete every card that is only on that Dashboard, and this action can't be undone. 

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